Rachael Ray Advocates Fasting Two Days a Week on 'Fast Diet'

By Angela Atkinson

fast dietI happened to catch an episode of Rachael Ray earlier that features something called The Fast Diet. I didn't realize it, but Rachael often features different diets.

While there are several specifics to consider, the bottom line is that you eat your normal diet five days a week, and you fast (by eating 500 calories or less) two non-consecutive days per week.

I don't do this exactly, but I do a modified version. I eat healthy most days, but if I have a day where I overindulge, I will often find myself restricting my calories a bit for the next day or so--but I eat more than 500 calories. I tend to stick within the 800 to 1200 calorie range.

Then again, I eat healthy foods about 80 percent of the time--and when I do indulge in sweets or heavy foods, I tend to only have a small amount because I don't restrict myself from having any food, ever.

I just don't eat anything I don't want--and only exactly what I do. While this practice can be annoying to my husband (love you, honey!), I find that it works perfectly for me--I never feel deprived. And I rarely overdo it.

(Pssst...and when I do overdo it, I don't beat myself up, not one bit! I just get right back on track. That's one of my secrets of success!)

Anyway, I'm sharing the video and show info below and I'd love to know your thoughts about it, if you've got a chance to watch! Here you go. :)Click to view---Rachael Ray Show Diets: The Fast Diet (Video)