You Don't Have to Kill Yourself to Lose Weight: Try This Instead

If you fall off track with your weight loss plan and find yourself backsliding into old, unhealthy habits, your first instinct might be to belittle yourself, beat yourself up, even to punish yourself.
Latest Progress 2262013Forgive Yourself First

One woman I know will literally starve herself for 24 hours for each “slip-up” she has on her plan to exercise and lose weight.

For example, at a birthday party, she indulged in a tiny piece of cake.

The next day, she worked out for 3 hours and refused to eat a thing.

The problem with this kind of behavior is twofold–besides being completely unhealthy and slowing down your metabolism, it’s not a lifestyle that can be continued forever without serious consequences.
Rather than beat yourself up, just forgive yourself, love yourself that much more, and move forward on your plan.

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