How to Get in Shape Without Killing Yourself in the Process

Someone who is busier than you is running right now.We know we need to exercise, and we know how to exercise. We figure out when to put it in our schedule, we set a date to start–we even put new, upbeat music on our iPods–and on the first day, we’re gung ho, sweating our butts off on the treadmill.

A week later, things aren’t running so smoothly. We have found excuse after excuse to put off our workout, and now we haven’t worked out in 3 days.

What next?

Here’s the trick to getting through those little regressions, whether for an exercise program or any other goal in your life–it’s more simple than you might think.

First, stop beating yourself up when you slip. And second, get back on track RIGHT NOW–not tomorrow, not Monday, not next week. Right this very instant.

If that means you get up off your butt and work out at 8:00 pm in order to get back on track, then do it, even if it feels really hard.

You will be glad you did–and each time you step back on the treadmill or into the gym, it will get a little easier.

The same is true of any personal goal.

Going off-plan every now and then doesn’t have to mean the end of your efforts. Just consider it more like a brief detour and jump right back on track.
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