Beat the Cheaters: Vote for de.lish

These two are Jeff and Kristi Mullersman, local business owners (who also happen to make some of the best food in town--it's getting national attention! DETAILS HERE!)

Over at Florissant Patch, we have been asking people to send votes over to de.lish Cheesecake Bakery and Cafe by viewing a YouTube video. The votes will help them win a contest that will bring national attention to their restaurant and to the city.

Well, turns out that the restaurant that was behind them (by far) in the votes got 50K votes overnight.

This, I believe, is because they purchased the votes by paying for 50k YouTube views (yep, it's a real thing).

Assuming this is true, do you believe the owners who purchased the votes cheated?

The restaurant had less than 1800 votes all month long, and then a few days before the contest ends, suddenly get 50K overnight--that part is true for sure. The rest is just conjecture.

What do you think? Will you help by sharing this video and asking your friends to vote? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and your votes! ~Angie (your editor and a de.lish fan!)